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A Guide to Tarot Card Reading

Mark McElroy
Written by Mark McElroy

Clear, step-by-step directions make an esoteric practice more approachable

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Contribution: Author, Publisher
Year: 2015
Publisher: Self-Published

A Guide to Tarot Card Meanings, the first book in this series, provided clearly-defined meanings and exploration question for every card in a tarot deck. The sequel, A Guide to Tarot Card Reading, provides straightforward insights into every aspect of tarot that might interest a beginner. What’s the least you should know about the history of the tarot deck? How can you choose the right deck for you from the hundreds of decks on the market? And, once you choose a deck, how do you store it, shuffle it, approach it, and read it?

The generic-looking cover is an experiment in design. Even when reduced to a thumbnail in an listing, the title is bold and easy to read. The plain, unadorned wrapper communicates simplicity and a lack of pretension. In addition to offering e-books, printed copies, and downloadable PDFs of the text, I “uncopyrighted” the full text of this book, making it available for free to anyone for non-commercial use.

This book repackages and updates material from The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Tarot, a highly-rated book that, due to issues with distribution, never found its way to its audience. It also continues my experiments in self-publishing. The two books in this series put more money in my pocket in a year than my first two commercially-published books earned me in their first two years in print.

I’ve learned a great deal about packaging books for Amazon’s Kindle e-book and Lightning Print programs, and revenue from these books convinced me that self-publishing niche-market books is far more lucrative than selling those books through commercial publishers. Publishing the book also taught me a lot about how to market a book directly to potential readers through Twitter, blog posts, newsletters, and participation in online forums.

Still in print, and still earning good revenue, on

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Mark McElroy

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