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Mark McElroy
Written by Mark McElroy

A thoughtful approach guides a refresh of organizational values

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Contribution: Co-Author
Year: 2017
Publisher: PRNews
Commissioned By: Employer

When the organization wanted to refresh employee values, we employed a massive listening campaign to make sure employees felt heard, that the values felt authentic, and that our communication of them would be both natural and memorable.

This article reveals our strategy and provides step-by-step insights into our tactics, from the all-hands town hall and to the launch of a massive art project based on staff submissions. Management’s verdict on our success: “No program in the history of the company has been so universally praised and so well-received.”

Berthelot, Susan and Mark McElroy. “Revisiting Organizational Values for Culture Change Communications.” The Book of Employee Communications Strategies and Tactics 6 (2017): 17-19.

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Mark McElroy

Mark McElroy

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