Who’s Mark?

I’m Mark McElroy, a storyteller with a passion for writing, presenting, and facilitating the creative process.

Creative Director

As a creative director, I work for a financial institution that prefers not to be named on employees’ personal web sites. (I can, however, disclose my employer’s name on my LinkedIn profile.) It’s my responsibility to set direction, provide strategy and infrastructure, and keep an award-winning team of corporate creatives happy and productive. I also have the privilege of making contributions as a creative consultant, scriptwriter, presentation designer, director, producer, event host, and voice-over artist.

The more I talk with colleagues at other companies, the more I realize just how fortunate I really am. My team has earned the trust the of C-suite. I’m managed by smart people who understand the value a creative team brings to the table. And I work every day with a brilliant team of interactive designers, editors, videographers, and photographers. In short: in what some would say is a surprising place to be doing so, I’ve landed the corporate creative’s dream job — a fact I’m grateful for every day.


By trade, I’m a writer and author, with a graduate degree in Creative Writing from the prestigious Center for Writers at the University of Southern Mississippi. My non-fiction books cover a range of subjects, from Apple Computers to Cuban travel, but the largest sales currently come from books on divination, including Tarot and the I Ching. But please don’t picture me in a purple turban, surrounded by candles and clouds of incense! My trademark approach to mysticism has always been firmly rooted in practical, modern, and creative applications of ancient wisdom.


For seventeen years, I kept a personal journal on-line (MadeByMark.com), and now I maintain a handful of focused blogs to help me connect with people who share my passions for personal technology (MarkLovesThis.com), world travel (MarkGoesThere.com), healthy eating (MarkEatsThis.com), and practical metaphysics (MarkBelievesThis.com).

Stay in Touch

I enjoy networking with people who are on the front lines of corporate creativity: professional storytellers, presenters, writers, multimedia producers, and program directors. If you’d like to make contact, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line at mark@markmcelroy.com or through LinkedIn. You should also consider following me on Twitter (@MarkMcElroy) or Instagram (@MarkMcElroyDotCom).