Grateful for: Smart colleagues from Atlanta, Cleveland, San Francisco, Minneapolis, and the Board … the grace the team extended when the rules suddenly changed … A.O.’s honesty, frankness, and leadership of the storytelling team … the chance to work on a project like this one … a simple vegan lunch.

Remember: How stories like the Japanese sushi story can be troublesome for those who don’t eat animals … how a simple salad can be a better option, sometimes, than a fancy vegan meal prepared by a high-profile chef … how the checks at The Greenhouse Tavern came rubber-banded to 1980’s style VHS tapes, and how this gave me a little nostalgia for Video Library.

Looking forward to: the second day of work on this project … the flight home … seeing Clyde again … being in New Albany.

Photo: the check from the Greenhouse Tavern, strapped to Lethal Weapon 4.


Mark McElroy: lives in Atlanta | is blogging again | is author of a dozen books | works as a professional storyteller | has a husband | is working on a novel | is an engaging public speaker | lost fifty pounds in 2017 | is a little obsessed with pizza.

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