Items from the previous week that crossed my desk, that caught my attention, and that you might find interesting:

Not so long ago, it took one grainy photo of a man in an ape suit or one blurry snapshot of an airborne Frisbee to convince people Bigfoot and UFO’s were real. It defines imagination that, now, despite the testimony of hundreds of photos and videos from across the country, people will claim police brutality isn’t real. (See also: When police view citizens as enemies.)

Apparently, ancient Jews smoked cannabis as part of temple rituals 2,700 years ago. There’s a joke in there somewhere about stone tablets and getting stoned, but I couldn’t quite make it work.)

President Trump’s troops not only gassed innocent bystanders to clear a path for his infamous “I’m standing in front of a church holding a Bible upside down” photo op — they gassed and grenades the clergy there, as well. A reporter asked Republican senators about the incident; they brushed off the question, saying they had no comment, didn’t see it, or were late for lunch.

(Header photo by Tito Texidor III on Unsplash)

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