Mark McElroy

I’m Mark McElroy, a creative director, storyteller, and writer living in Atlanta, GA.

I’ve got one husband (twenty-eight years together!), two rescue dogs (Sunny Day and Windy Day), and a dozen or so books I’ve written on topics from Apple computers to tarot cards. I’m a reluctant vegan, a pizza fanatic, a not-quite-novelist, a voracious consumer of books and video, and an Eclectic Neo-Buddhist Gnostic Christian Mystic.

Interested in any of these things? Strike up a conversation about them — especially if you’re a storyteller, a corporate creative, or a writer. I built to connect with people just like you and to keep track of apps, books, tools, and tricks of the trade that might be of interest to people like us. You’re also welcome to peruse some rich media stories, excerpts from current writing projects, or my experimental daily diary.

How Can I Help?

Creative Services

Maybe your team needs creative guidance. Maybe you need someone to help your organization find, develop, prioritize, and tell stories that will engage people and prompt action. Maybe you’re wondering why a presentation, story, or video script doesn’t work. (Or maybe you need a presentation, a story, or a video script!) When you find yourself with creative problems like these, you should contact me.

Creative Team Leadership

In my current position as a creative director for a Great Big Bank, I guide the work of the most amazing team of animators, cinematographers, editors, graphic designers, and photographers I’ve worked with during my entire professional career.

Creatives — especially corporate creatives — thrive when teams feel trust, security, opportunity, and purpose. It’s my responsibility to create an environment like that, so members of the team can do their best work. I also contribute by providing feedback (on performance, process, and our products), generating ideas, playing the role of producer or director, designing and delivering presentations, and writing a metric ton of executive speeches and attention-getting video scripts.

Storytelling and Content Strategy

My superpower, though, is storytelling. If you have a story that isn’t working, I’ll know why. If you need to tell stories, give speeches, or make presentations that engage people and prompt action, I can help. If you need a strategy to help you identify, prioritize, produce, and schedule the stories your organization should be telling to employees and customers, please get in touch.

Let’s See What We Can Do

I’m eager to talk with you about your needs. To give you even more ideas about what I can offer, here’s a list of twelve ways I can help, my resume, and a (still being constructed) portfolio of my favorite projects.