Skills and Expertise

Twelve Ways I Can Help

As A Leader

Managing Creative Teams

Need a leader who can help creatives deliver their best work? I’ve got more than two decades of experience directing, aligning, and supporting the work of writers, photographers, graphic designers, editors, and cinematographers.

Organizing the Work

Still trying to get 21st Century work done with 20th Century workflows? (Or no workflow at all?) Let me help you clarify pain points, streamline processes, collaborate on complex projects, and get people working together.

Defining Content Strategy

Want the right message in front of the right people at the right time? I can help you identify content types, map your messaging, clarify your intentions, and make data-driven decisions about what projects to tackle first.

As a Storyteller

Finding the Story

If you need people to remember — and act — on your messages, I can help you craft characters people care about, create tensions that maintain attention, and blend information with emotion in ways that prompt action.

Preventing Death by PowerPoint

Want to keep people focused on what really matters? Together, we can organize an effective story, build vivid visuals, and practice pacing that will make your message as motivating and memorable as it should be.

Fixing Broken Stories

Do you have articles, scripts, podcasts, or videos that don’t quite work? I can help you put a finger on what the problem really is … and offer specific, practical advice on how to improve the media you’re making.

As a Writer

Scripting and Storyboarding

What parts of your message are critical? How do your ideas need to be organized? How can you deliver complex ideas in plain English … or illustrate them to make them memorable? My scripts and storyboards can help you.

Writing for Your Audience

Need to connect an audience to your expertise? As the author of a half-dozen “For Beginners” books and writer of dozens of educational videos, I can work with experts to scale their insights for audiences at any level.

Summarizing for Clarity

Need to find the common thread in 380 articles? Want the contents of a book boiled down to a single page? I’m an expert at boiling down information to the essentials and presenting core ideas in compact formats.

As a Corporate Creative

Putting Ideas to Work

Need to shift from ideas to action? I literally wrote the book on (and designed a powerful tool for ) brainstorming. I can help teams envision solutions, organize information, and author project plans that turn ideas into realities.

Managing Complex Projects

So many things to achieve in so little time! Let’s talk about how you can use powerful tools (like Asana) to capture what needs to get done, organize those tasks into a project plan, and collaborate as efficiently as possible.

Making Media (on a Shoestring Budget)

Need a one-man Swiss Army Knife of creativity — someone who can handle ideation, writing, graphic designs, logos, presentations, and basic audio/video production on iPhones, iPads, and MacBook Pros? Let’s talk!