Hi, I’m Mark.

Professionally, I do two things:

I’m a strategic advisor. I coach teams on defining inspiring strategies, making better decisions, adapting quickly, and getting great things done.

I’m a successful writer. I write non-fiction books, novels, blog posts, presentations, podcasts, and video scripts. A few great organizations also call on me to help them develop ideas for their media projects.

MarkMcElroy.com is my professional home on the web.

At MarkMcElroy.com, I share what I’ve learned (and what I’m learning) as a way of connecting with people curious about:

  • Better ways to meet, make decisions, and prioritize work exist. If you work with teams, committees, or organizations that are ready to move faster, make better decisions, and get things done.
  • New tools for thinking. So many notes, and so little done with them! But powerful new tools — like Obsidian, Roam Research, Logseq, Craft, and others — can help us store information, explore connections between ideas, and share insights faster than before.

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MadeByMark.com is a less formal, “personal passions” site.

I use MadeByMark.com to help me remember things that matter to me and share my personal passions with the world. Look there for posts on faith and spirituality, travel, adventure dining, my quest to find the world’s best pizza, and essays on my hometown and my personal life.

I’m open to partnerships.

I’m seeking community groups or progressive churches interested in exploring how new ways to work could change they way they meet, make decisions, and plan for the future. Curious? Email me at mark@markmcelroy.com.

Personal Notes


I grew up in Anniston, Alabama, a nerdy gay kid who was writing (bad) short stories and keeping (dramatic) hand-written journals while classmates played football. That fascination with capturing and sharing experiences fueled both my career as a writer and my passion for world travel.

My proudest personal achievement by far, though, is my wonderful 30-year marriage to my best friend and soul mate, Clyde Parks. Along with our two rescue dogs, Windy Day and Sunny Day, we now live in a small town in Mississippi.


I earned a B.A. and an M.A. in creative writing from the Center for Writers at the University of Southern Mississippi. Decades later my master’s thesis, relating insights gleaned from teaching in one of the planet’s first computer-aided writing classrooms, become one of the seminal works in the field of computer-aided education.


In April 2022, I retired from my position as a strategic advisor for the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. Over the course of fourteen years with the Bank, I’ve also been honored to serve as a communications consultant, creative director for anaward-winning media production team, and, for thirteen years, the friendly host of the Bank’s quarterly town halls.

Before this, I’ve worked as an on-air disc jockey, a pulpit minister, the Dean of Students and a Professor of English for a small seminary, a corporate trainer addressing audiences nationwide, and director of training and PR for a major telecom company.

Let’s hang on to each other.

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