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Note Making

Reflections on a Year of Using Obsidian Daily

Jun 3, 2022150011 min read
A year in, Obsidian gets better and better.

Rethinking the Potential of the Daily Note

May 27, 2022274711 min read
Might the chronological nature of the daily note hold a key to better recall?

How to Use the Knowledge Graph (Or Why The Graph Ain’t Just Eye Candy)

May 10, 2022106611 min read
Used appropriately, the graph is a powerful creative tool.

Spatial Models for Relating Ideas

May 10, 20226617 min read
A visual, spatial mental model can remind us to explore ideas more fully.
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On Writing

Keep a Journal? Get Smarter by Revisiting Old Entries.

Jun 9, 20221339 views8 min read

Do you keep a journal? I started keeping a hand-written journal in the tenth grade,…

Using Daily Highlights as Random Journaling Prompts

ByMark McElroyJan 15, 2022

This week, I began toying with a new, experimental morning journaling practice — just to…

Good Advice on Writing About Me Pages

ByMark McElroyDec 22, 2021

Before creating my 2022 About Me page for this site, I decided to sharpen my…

What I Learned from the About Me Pages of Eleven Authors and Speakers I Admire

ByMark McElroyDec 20, 2021

This Post in a Single Paragraph: After surveying the About Me pages of eleven non-fiction…


Domains, Tensions, and Experiments: An Alternative to Setting Goals

Mar 3, 20215719 min read

I’m done with setting goals. Instead, I’m organizing my life and work using a system of domains, tensions, and experiments. Domains are broad areas of sustained interest or focus: the…

Meetings that Matter

Feb 16, 20213083 min read

Most of our meetings used to be “work pageants.” First: the parade of PowerPoint slides. Then: the endless report-outs and updates, which spawned conversations, which plummeted down rabbit holes. We…

Meaningful Meetings Start with Check-in Questions

Feb 2, 20215022 min read

Starting meetings with check-in questions is one of the most powerful tools for changing how we relate to each other. So why are check-in questions also the first new way…

How We Meet Reveals Who We Are

Feb 1, 20212722 min read

At work, a set of “meeting moves” is changing how we meet: Appointing moderators and scribes. One person steers; the other notes what we did and what agreements we made.Starting…

Shifting from Dabbler to Doer

Jul 7, 20204614 min read

I’ve always been a magpie of ideas. I’m drawn to the new, the bright, the shiny. I scoop these ideas up and carry them back to my nest. The result?…

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