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Tana – My Honest Initial Impressions
Oct 17, 20222577

Tana – My Honest Initial Impressions

With a growing number of vocal online advocates … a flood of social media buzz … an increasing community of converts from Notion, Roam, Logseq, and Obsidian … and a long line of people clamoring for early access, Tana has premiered to higher levels of enthusiasm — and, occasionally, animosity — than any tool for […]

Note Making

How to Use the Knowledge Graph (Or Why The Graph Ain’t Just Eye Candy)

May 10, 2022168511 min read
Used appropriately, the graph is a powerful creative tool.

Spatial Models for Relating Ideas

May 10, 202210687 min read
A visual, spatial mental model can remind us to explore ideas more fully.

Capturing Motive and Rediscovery Enhances the Usefulness of Notes

Apr 21, 202211967 min read
What’s my motive for taking this note? When would rediscovering this note be useful? Adding these two questions to your note making template can make the act of note making more intentional … and decrease the odds that your notes will gather dust. Why Did I Start Using These Questions? When I first started taking […]

A Process for Reading Books and Making Notes in Obsidian

Apr 14, 2022635918 min read
A process for taking book notes in Obsidian — and lessons learned along the way.
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On Writing

What I Learned from the About Me Pages of Eleven Authors and Speakers I Admire

Dec 20, 20211318 views10 min read

This Post in a Single Paragraph: After surveying the About Me pages of eleven non-fiction…

Book Notes: Write Useful Books Changed How I’ll Write Non-Fiction Going Forward

ByMark McElroyDec 18, 2021

Meta Author: Rob Fitzpatrick and Adam RosenDomains: Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction WritingSource: Write Useful Books on…

If I Made Thousands of Dollars with a Self-Published Book, So Can You.

ByMark McElroyNov 30, 2021

In case that click-bait title lured you here with dreams of making a fortune, let…

Midpoint: What I’ve Learned from Writing a Novel in Public (So Far!)

ByMark McElroySep 6, 2021

A Novel Experiment In July of 2021, I started writing a novel called Parallel Lines, intending…


30 Days of Gratitude

Aug 10, 20196565 min read

In May of 2019, I started an experiment: posting entries to a daily gratitude diary. The goal? Make a short post spotlighting something I felt grateful for once a day…

Of Frogs and Pots and Brave New Work

Jul 13, 20193497 min read

My childhood Sunday school teacher told us a fable about the nature of sin involving a frog, a pan of water, and the slow but steady application of heat. As…

The Bullet Journal Method

Nov 4, 20183793 min read

The Bullet Journal Method teaches a low friction, low-tech process for capturing ideas, recording obligations, and organizing work. The bigger promise of the book is this: by identifying what matters…


Oct 17, 20183683 min read

A long time ago, I snagged a lifetime subscription to on for something like $49.00. Man, what a bargain.’s pulsing, chittering, algorithmically-generated tracks supposedly manipulate your state…

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