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Note Making

Spatial Models for Relating Ideas

May 10, 202211687 min read
A visual, spatial mental model can remind us to explore ideas more fully.

Capturing Motive and Rediscovery Enhances the Usefulness of Notes

Apr 21, 202212537 min read
What’s my motive for taking this note? When would rediscovering this note be useful? Adding these two questions to your note making template can make the act of note making more intentional … and decrease the odds that your notes will gather dust. Why Did I Start Using These Questions? When I first started taking […]

A Process for Reading Books and Making Notes in Obsidian

Apr 14, 2022749018 min read
A process for taking book notes in Obsidian — and lessons learned along the way.

All Roads Lead to … Obsidian?

Jul 27, 2021250410 min read
After a year of using Roam Research, I’ve moved to Obsidian.
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On Writing

How to Choose Which Novel You Should Write First

Aug 15, 2021703 views7 min read

After decades of procrastination, I had more than fifty half-baked ideas for novels floating around…

I’ve decided to write a novel. In public. Using

ByMark McElroyJul 28, 2021

Writing a Novel In a Nutshell: I’m writing a novel, live, online, in ……

Generating Short Fiction with Random Input from Roam Research

ByMark McElroyJan 19, 2021

Author’s Note: This post is about a process I used to create a short story:…

Fiction: Bloom

ByMark McElroyJan 19, 2021

Author’s Note: I wrote this short story using a process I developed for use within…