Short Fiction


Written by Mark McElroy

The wonderful team at If There’s Anyone Left gave a home to “Transplant,” a third-place winner in their micro-fiction contest.

I was deeply moved when Ariel Marken Jack said of this story, “Mark McElroy made me cry with ‘Transplant,’ his heartwrenching portrayal of young queer adoration set in a future made perilous by technology that enables the kind of sacrifice anyone who has ever felt out of place or loved impossibly will understand wanting to make.”

Read the story here.

About the author

Mark McElroy

I'm a writer and professional facilitator. I'm the author of a dozen or so non-fiction books and hundreds of corporate video scripts. As a professional facilitator, I coach individuals, committees, and teams to change how they meet, make decisions, and plan, so they can get out of their own way and do work that really matters. I use this site to write about writing, adaptive strategy, travel, and spirituality ... and to "learn out loud" by sharing works (and what doesn't).