So, Who’s Mark McElroy?

I’m Mark McElroy, a professional creative, media producer, and writer living in New Albany, Mississippi.

I moved here from Atlanta, Georgia, and The New Albany Blog is my way of processing the charms and changes associated with that transition. is where I share information, insight, and inspiration. If you’ll subscribe, you’ll never miss a post! (Just be aware I’m working up to posting daily.)

I’ve got one husband (twenty-nine years together!), two rescue dogs (Sunny Day and Windy Day), and a dozen or so books I’ve written on topics from Apple computers to tarot cards. I’m a reluctant vegan, a pizza fanatic, a not-quite-novelist, a voracious consumer of books and video, and an Eclectic Neo-Buddhist Gnostic Christian Mystic with Methodist inclinations.

I’m active on Twitter as @MarkMcElroy, and urge you to contact me there, or via email at You can also see photos I take on Instagram.