About MarkMcElroy.com

Hi! I’m Mark McElroy. I’ve got one husband (twenty-nine years together as of May 2021), two rescue dogs (Sunny Day and Windy Day), and a dozen or so books I’ve written on topics from Apple computers to tarot cards, most of which are available in seven languages. I’m also a world traveler, a critic of faith and religion, a big fan of the small Mississippi town where we live, and a pizza fanatic.

Professionally, I do three things:

  • I’m a writer, authoring everything from fiction and non-fiction books to corporate video scripts and presentations.
  • I’m a creative advisor, working with a big bank’s media production team to make our podcasts and videos more engaging and successful.
  • I’m a professional facilitator, helping all kinds of teams improve the way they meet, make decisions, and get work done … so they can do the best work of their lives.

At MarkMcElroy.com, I:

  • publish The New Albany Blog, where I share what I’m discovering about New Albany, Mississippi, the town I’ve called home since December 2019.
  • write essays about my current obsessions, including note-taking, agile working practices, spirituality (including meditation, recovery from fundamentalism, and divination), and thought processors (also known as personal knowledge management applications), including Obsidian.md and Roam Research.
  • figure things out and “work out loud” by recording insights arising from things I read and study.

Please consider following me on Mastodon at @markmcelroy@pkm.social, where I primarily post about writing fiction and making notes. I also post photos to PixelFed at @markmcelroy@pixelfed.social.