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Mark McElroy

Mark McElroy: lives in Atlanta | is blogging again | is author of a dozen books | works as a professional storyteller | has a husband | is working on a novel | is an engaging public speaker | lost fifty pounds in 2017 | is a little obsessed with pizza.

The Captain Class

Do corporate teams succeed for the same reasons sports teams do? Anecdotes alone aren’t proof.

I Ching for Beginners

If I can make an ancient book of wisdom more accessible, imagine what I could do for messages like yours!

Bright Idea Deck

Business people need ideas (lots of them, quickly!) so I invented a brainstorming aid and powerful techniques for stoking creativity.

The Tarot Books

Most Americans think tarot decks are spooky, but my practical approach positioned the cards as powerful problem-solving tools.

The Values Project

A year-long effort ended with a successful launch, universal praise, and a cool write-up in PR News.

Slice of Life

In this work in progress, I’m exploring my lifelong obsession with pizza’s hot and cheesy goodness.

Red Moon

Red Moon reminded me how hard it is — even for some of my favorite authors — to pen a satisfying ending to novel-length fiction.

The Bullet Journal Method

By identifying what matters most, you can align your daily activities with meaningful goals, focus less on mere productivity, and achieve more things that really matter.

Room to Dream

Every book I read teaches me something; this one reminded me that memory is a tricky beast.