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I’m really frustrated by @agenda app for iOS. It’s one of those app I feel I’m *supposed* to use, but, despite trying, I can’t figure out a problem it solves for me.

Sharing your life with those you love shouldn’t require you to give up your privacy, location, contact list, and web browsing history to faceless advertisers.

“I come to deliver a simple message that I want every LGBT person to hear and to believe. You are a gift to the world … a unique and special gift, just the way you are … We are not all supposed to be the same, feel the same, or think the same. And there is nothing wrong with you.” — @Tim_Cook, CEO, Apple

“Every minute spent on an imaginary threat is a minute not spent on a real one.” Great commentary and flawless curation from @DavePell — and if you aren’t reading NextDraft.com daily (via email or the app), you’re missing out.

Off to the jungles of Alabama, to deliver a fresh-baked homemade rhubarb pie to Mom.

Are Titles Hurdles?

I saw something the other day about titles being hurdles to easy blogging. The theory goes that stopping to consider a title is friction; eliminating titles all together reduces friction. But couldn’t you also eliminate the friction by writing the post first, and then adding a title later?

Maybe the hurdle isn’t the title, but the way someone approaches creating it.

Still testing. I think I’d rather have my posts appear first here on my own WordPress site than rent space elsewhere — if I can get this to work as I think it should.

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