A Guide to Tarot Card Meanings

Written by Mark McElroy

The all-new 10th anniversary edition has been released for 2024! In addition to updated and expanded text, the newest edition of both the print and ebook editions has been beautifully reformatted … and the entire series is receiving striking new covers! I’d love to know what you think of the design.

If you’re looking for a simple guide to Tarot card meanings in plain English, this book is for you. Inside, you’ll find keywords; a range of traditional meanings; correspondences to numerology, astrology, and storytelling; symbols and insights for Rider-Waite and Marseilles decks; and exploration questions for each card. In addition, you’ll also find text that will help you apply the card to matters of romance, relationships, work, spirituality, and personal growth. If you’re interested in using the cards to tell fortunes or forecast the timing of events, you’ll find this information, too! 

Throw the others away! This is the one book you need.

R. Matejek, Amazon Reviewer

Rather than memorize the meanings in this book, use them to amplify your intuition! Becoming familiar with the information in this guide can help beginners approach the cards with confidence, suggest new associations for each card, and introduce experienced readers to new ways of thinking about specific cards. The information inside can serve as jumping-off points for brainstorming sessions, lend weight to an intuitive reader’s first impressions, and suggest insights a purely intuitive reader might overlook.

Available at Amazon as a paperback or ebook. And because I’ve released this important text into the public domain, you’re free to integrate these meanings in projects (and even books!) of your own.

This book pairs beautifully with A Guide to Tarot Card Reading.

Reviews from Readers Like You

D. Michelle ( “Practical writing, not superficial, no fluff, and easy to integrate into knowledge and wisdom!”

Misty H. ( “Very detailed descriptions of every card. An excellent guide for both beginners and seasoned readers!”

Valerie ( “I have been reading Tarot professionally for years and I love Mark’s books … [This book] is an impressive feat of scholarship … Even experienced readers such as myself can find much value here.”

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