Lo Scarabeo 20th Anniversary

Written by Mark McElroy

What an honor to be asked to help create a comprehensive celebration of the work of one of the world’s most prolific Tarot deck publishers! Along with Giodano Berti and Pietro Allligo, I authored several chapters of this volume exploring Lo Scarabeo’s rich history as a publisher and distributor of artistic, collectible decks.

This book remains a collector’s item, and is generally only available from overseas distributors. You can still snag a copy from Blackwell’s.

About the author

Mark McElroy

I'm a writer and professional facilitator. I'm the author of a dozen or so non-fiction books and hundreds of corporate video scripts. As a professional facilitator, I coach individuals, committees, and teams to change how they meet, make decisions, and plan, so they can get out of their own way and do work that really matters. I use this site to write about writing, adaptive strategy, travel, and spirituality ... and to "learn out loud" by sharing works (and what doesn't).