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What’s in the Cards for You?

Mark McElroy
Written by Mark McElroy

A revolutionary “hands on” approach to learning tarot

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Contribution: Author
Year: 2005
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications

Some tarot readers “wing it,” brainstorming meanings cards based on insight and intuition. Others spend months memorizing traditional meanings for each card. What’s in the Cards for You? provided a refreshing alternative to these extremes. By completing one of thirty quick, engaging “experiments” per day, students learned to read tarot without the need to memorize a single canned meaning.

When writing this book, I used my corporate training design skills to solve a classic problem: how to make “yet another beginner book” unique in the market? The resulting text generated more fan mail than any other book-length project I’ve created.

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Mark McElroy

Mark McElroy

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